Legal Poker Sites In The US

Poker sites have been legalized in many states of US, but it is still a long way to go when all fifty states will have legalized online poker rooms.

Till now there are selected online sites that have made it legal for one to play online poker in the country. Indeed, from 2011 the situation has changed greatly. At such a time there was little regulation of online gaming activities and spurious sites that promised a lot and delivered nothing. Today that is no longer the case as most sites are reputed and reliable.

Even if one does not stay at a state that has legal online poker sites, there are still possibilities to explore. Here are some sites that allow citizens of other states to play and earn as well and are legal entities. (more…)

48th Edition Of WSOP To Start On May 30th

Las Vegas is gearing up for the 48th annual World Series of Poker event.

It is set to start on 30th May. This year’s edition will be held over 49 days and there are as many as 74 WSOP gold bracelet events to be held during this period. The events will be held over a wide range of poker formats. The players and the organizers are looking forward to a wonderful season of the WSOP event this year too.

The main event of the World Series of Poker will commence on the 8th of July. The tournament organizers are looking for about 7,000 players to pay up the entry fee of $10,000 for the event. They are looking to make this one of the biggest prize pools and the richest prize in sport. (more…)

Russia To Host First Partypoker LMN

Sochi Casino and Resort in collaboration with the Poker Club Management is holding the Million Nation Event (MNE) of Partypoker at Sochi in Russia.

This is the first MNE of Partypoker and it is going to take place in Russia. Partypoker has made all types of announcement with regards to the same.

Like the Partypoker launched its tours last week, the LIVE and LIVE National, the casino announced that it will open its door to the public on 20 January 2017.

The Million National of Partypoker that will take place in Sochi will have a buy-in of $1,100 buy-in. It will offer $1 million prize pool and Partypoker has given the guarantee for it. It will offer $200,000 prize amount to the player who stood in the first place.

If combined both live and online elements, then schedule for the same will go this way. Out of five opening days, the first two will take place online. It will take place on Partypoker online platform on 12 March 19 March 2017 respectively. Three opening days of last will take place at the resort and casino of Sochi. The event will take place on 24 March, 25 March and 26 March respectively. (more…)

Matthew Stout : A Learning Poker Player

Matthew stout is a male poker player.

This player is also known as matt stout. This is a very good poker player and he is very much interested in playing poker and he also loves his game. He comes with the view and also the spirit of winning the game. With all the new games he learns some new things and he also learns new things from his game. He not only learns from the mistakes made by him but he also learns from the mistakes made by his opponent. He is very supportive and innovative player.

He is always using new and different techniques for playing which is a very good thing for his poker career. If he wins the game then he is happy but if he loses the game then he appreciates the opponent player. He is not yet satisfied with his earnings he wants o achieve more and prove his best to not only the poker market but also to the entire world. He has a huge aim that he wants to break the records of the poker games and he wants to be a very professional poker player. (more…)

Phil Helmuth And His Autobiography

Phil Helmuth is often termed as the Poker Brat affectionately.

He has several claims to fame. For instance, he has claimed his stake to a world champion title. He has won the World Series of Poker bracelet several times. Having been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and become a bestselling author as per New York Times, he has now added a new feather to his cap of accomplishments. Phil Hellmuth Jr. has now taken up the new challenge of being an autobiographer.

This new challenge should not be too hard for him as he has penned several weeks’ articles, even hundreds over a decade. He has become a columnist of the syndicated category. With many poker books under his credit as well as the bestseller Play Poker Like the Pros, he is definitely no stranger as to how to pen another book. However, it is going to be a more personal attempt this time. The new book will showcase how he faced several hard times in his life. Poker Brat is the last book that he has penned from his home in Palo Alto. He states that he had a hard time in high school. He not only struggled with the grades, but also with his physical appearance. Having warts on both hands as well as on the outside made him feel physically handicapped as well. (more…)

Alberta regulators to allow poker event recording

Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission has made a surprising revisal to their Casino Terms & Conditions and Operating terms earlier this week. Now, this is possible for poker events to be shot for video broadcasting. Once, it stated that poker tournaments cannot be recorded or filmed. But now it has come with a new amendment. It says that with prior approval from Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, one can record a poker event. The license holder should submit a media plan.
The legal aspects of shooting poker events have been a point of discussion for the Alberta poker community. The tournament series throughout the nation as well as abroad use video reportage to raise the cachet of their tournament, and this has not been possible in Alberta in recent times.
The significance of televised reportage of tournament poker could not be understood. This was this invention by Steve Lipscomb as well as his creation of World Poker Tour along with Linda Johnson, Lyle Berman and Mike Sexton that put poker in the living room of all people.
It paved the path for the poker boom out. Without that base of televised event, the World Series of Poker win of Chris Moneymaker in 2003 would not have stirred up the agitation of viewers at home to the flood to poker tournaments as well as online poker sites in droves.