The poker show in the city of Venice where the oldest casino resides continues to entertain all the poker fans around the world and similarly receiving huge media coverage. The beauty of Venice and its culture adds an extra taste to the events with season 6 of the event of World tour tournament continuing on Monday last week as the day 1 of the action held at the Grand prix. Season VIII of the event held at the old Casino di Venezia, the worldsoldest casino.

The starting flight events attracted a total of 61 entrants. After 8 levels ofextensive play, the player shining was none other than Behm who was the chip leader holding 188, 000 chips in hand. Enjoying the second position and following closely behind wasMarvin Rattenmaeir, a two time world poker tour champion. The games attracted some of the world’s most renowned players. Some of the faces worth noting included, , Kara Scott, Gerelle Bauman andmike Sexton the world poker tour commentator and also a poker ambassador. He was reported in before the start of the games describing his excitement to be in the games.

Stephen Behm managed to maintain his lead in the games up to the end. However, maintaining the lead in a table full of world poker stars was not an easy task but on that day of play non one prove to be an equal of new poker stars. On a lighter note, it has been interesting noting how most of the games are won by the new faces with the worlds stars having to watch h the games from the screens after being eliminated. We can only predict that in one years time, most of the now pros will have been swallowed by the new poker players.