Alberta regulators to allow poker event recording

Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission has made a surprising revisal to their Casino Terms & Conditions and Operating terms earlier this week. Now, this is possible for poker events to be shot for video broadcasting. Once, it stated that poker tournaments cannot be recorded or filmed. But now it has come with a new amendment. It says that with prior approval from Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, one can record a poker event. The license holder should submit a media plan.
The legal aspects of shooting poker events have been a point of discussion for the Alberta poker community. The tournament series throughout the nation as well as abroad use video reportage to raise the cachet of their tournament, and this has not been possible in Alberta in recent times.
The significance of televised reportage of tournament poker could not be understood. This was this invention by Steve Lipscomb as well as his creation of World Poker Tour along with Linda Johnson, Lyle Berman and Mike Sexton that put poker in the living room of all people.
It paved the path for the poker boom out. Without that base of televised event, the World Series of Poker win of Chris Moneymaker in 2003 would not have stirred up the agitation of viewers at home to the flood to poker tournaments as well as online poker sites in droves.

Alberta has established itself as one of hotbeds of tournament poker action in Canada. With top series coming from Grey Eagle Resort & Casino, Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Edmonton’s Pure Canadian Gaming properties, DeepStacks Poker Tour, as well as others, there is no shortage of series to play.