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  • @coreycunninghamkarl lol i know that im just saying darvin should never been there in heads up

  • @Anonomousxxx He’s referring to the Cada’s pocket dueces v the pocket queens of Saout where Cada was all in and spiked a deuce

  • for all the people that say these main event are lucky of course they are. Once every twenty likely the best player will win it. To win this event over several days and so many thousands the sheer luck factor will overcome skill. If an ivey or negraneu wins it they will also need tremendous luck just not as much

  • @jimmyBjimmy you dont understand, moon did a stupid re raise all in with nothing.. thats not bad luck thats stupid play

  • joe cada is too overrated…

  • This is one of those suckouts which makes Cada the luckiest winner of the WSOP…

  • everyone watches this and for some reason just forgets saout’s preflop raise with j 2 against moon and a double up not long ago…. the game evens out people

  • saout played this ME like a boss. really unlucky.

  • Saout was tilting here, not a good move with 88 against that luckybox !

  • @PrettyBoyFalco fucking idiot

  • @PrettyBoyFalco ill call with AK all day. theyre 3 handed you idiot.

  • full tilt should have signed saout for their commercials just to stick it to cada

  • These cheering sections are out of hand and very disrespectful.

  • Cada – 4 letters, starts with a C… Hmmmm What other word – 4 letters, starts with a C?

  • Terrible call with AK. Not getting the right price to call.

  • @Foreverguga1 I think he understands he is a donk. And thats what I and everyone like in him.

  • @Anonomousxxx
    Darvin Donk thinking he can play poker because he had a good run.
    I’d play him heads up for my life earnings on any day

  • cada=lucky dog!

  • Watching this hand just goes to prove that Saout played the best poker at this final table, he even outplayed Ivey which is hard enough, that plus the poise to just sit there calmly when Cada sucks out on him twice, Saout didnt win though because he didn’t have the luck when he needed it, as it all seemed to go to Cada, to sum things up, despite not winning the Main Event, Antoine Saout was far and way the best player on the final table, he just didnt have any luck when it mattered.

  • joe cada is worse than darvin moon

  • Nice I didnt bet who woulda made the Heads up… those were the two idiots I less think they would.

  • 2:31 – 2:33 His head makes me feel so sad ! It’s so unfair ='( !

  • @martysparty2042 It’s not a suckout if you’re referring to AK vs 78 Saout had a flush draw. Did you not see the % equity? It was exactly a coin-flip. Saout knew what he’ll be up against and decided to move in. Even if Begleiter were to have a set, Saout will still have a flush draw, if Begleiter has a top pair, Saout will have two overpairs + flush draw. When Saout moved all-in, Begleiter called big portion of his stack over something that’s coin-flip at best if he’s lucky with his read.

  • i wouldnt of cared tbh who went heads up anyone except cada the donk

  • before cada even wins the hand to go heads up with moon he’s tellin his fans this is for the tournament. and in the hand wirth the set of 2’s he’s jumpin about after saout just sits quietly takin it on the chin, cada is a dweeb. total luck box goin all in with 2’s. then he has the cheek to rub it in saouts face by sayin u deserve it then celebrating. nothin worse than sumone who doesnt knwo how to win like a gentleman