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Wichita Underground Poker Bust

In Wichita, Kan case surrounded the bust of a poker game continues to unfold as four more men indicted on charges and which include two former police officers and one former Kansas Highway Patrol trooper.

Group of Individuals is involved in this Mackey and Zajkowski are officers in Wichita, police force and are involved in illegal games and Frederiksen was a state trooper.

Joe McKeehen Possess All Skills To Become A Successful Poker Coach?

If Ted Williams is considered as the greatest hitters of all-time, failed to succeed as a baseball manager, perhaps, the former champion of the main event of the World Series of Poker isn’t a qualified coach for poker. Chip Leader Coaching, a leading poker training site has signed Joe McKeehen to be the coach of poker and help young players to learn the skill of improving their game. However, many poker players are surprised to see McKeehen in this role as he is known for his rough game.

McKeehen, won the WSOP main event in the year 2015, and he won the amount of $7.7 million in it, after winning the event, he didn’t attach himself with the poker community. Opposite to most of the previous champions of the event, he refused to accept the offer to serve as a poker ambassador, and even made his Twitter profile “private” so that, he didn’t receive post or the likes of the people whom he doesn’t know.

48th Edition Of WSOP To Start On May 30th

Las Vegas is gearing up for the 48th annual World Series of Poker event.

It is set to start on 30th May. This year’s edition will be held over 49 days and there are as many as 74 WSOP gold bracelet events to be held during this period. The events will be held over a wide range of poker formats. The players and the organizers are looking forward to a wonderful season of the WSOP event this year too.

The main event of the World Series of Poker will commence on the 8th of July. The tournament organizers are looking for about 7,000 players to pay up the entry fee of $10,000 for the event. They are looking to make this one of the biggest prize pools and the richest prize in sport. (more…)

Mohsin Charania is ranked as the 225th place in All-time Money List.

Mohsin Charania was born in America. Mohsin Charania is a professional player of poker. He is ranked as the 225th place in All-time Money List. Mohsin Charania has ranked at 38th place in the Global poker Index. His total of winnings of cash prizes is $3,320,565 in all types of poker tournaments. Mohsin Charania earned a 26th place in WPT Doyle Brouson poker tournament of 2008 and won a cash prize of $43,235 in that event. Mohsin Charania finished in 15th place of WPT Hold’em tournament and won a cash prize of $21,098 in that event.

He cashed 3 times in WPT tournaments of 2009 and 3 times in WSOP poker tournaments of 2009. Mohsin Charania earned 10th place in the WSOP World championship of 2009 and got a cash prize of $57,645 in that event. Mohsin Charania earned 14th place in the WPT Hold’em event of 2009 and won a cash prize of $36,535 in that event. He got 8 cash prizes in poker tournaments of 2010. Mohsin Charania won Turbo Bounty Hold’em in 2011 and earned a cash prize of $34,170. Mohsin Charania earned a 46th place in the EPT Main event of 2011 and got a cash prize of $19,727

Mohsin Charania won EPT Hold’em Main event in 2012 and earned a cash prize of $1,782,343 in that event which is highest a cash prize won by him in poker tournaments. Mohsin Charania earned 11th place in Four Handed Hold’em event of 2012 and won a cash prize of $19,741. 2012 was a very lucky year for him. He cashed 13 times in all types poker tournaments of 2012. Mohsin Charania won WPT €7500 Hold’em tournament in 2013 and earned a cash prize of $449,856 which is 2nd highest a cash prize won by him in poker tournaments. Mohsin Charania earned a 33rd place in the WPT Hold’em event of 2013 and won a cash prize of $26,039 in that event. Mohsin Charania finished in 36th place in WPT Hard Rock Shutdown event and won a cash prize of $21,336. He earned 48th place in EPT Hold’em Main Event of 2014 and got a cash prize of 33,757.

Minh Ly-Poker being a familiar face

There are various choices for you to lead the life in every option you pick. You understand the point? You need to make the right choice for you, when it’s about anything; such a manner is to be followed to the act of playing a game too. It can be any game but when you play so, you need to really know the tactics and also the tactics too. Don’t you? In such a case, you need to choose the game like Poker, as the game is the very choice which a professional does play to win the game.

One of the notable poker players in the place of America is Minh Hoang Ly and he is the Vietnamese-American.  He is the poker being a professional and resides in the Temple City in California.  Minh Ly is the regular player found in “The Big Game”.  He got his cash first in the WSOP by completing it in the third, which was held in the year 2001, in $3,000, Texas event.  In the same year, he got cash by winning the $2,000 kind of hold ‘em event.  By completing ninth in the World Series of Poker $10,000, he has also won $85,000.

Finished money finishes:

Minh had four money finishes, in 2005 WSOP, which includes the 2nd place complete to Doyle Brunson in $5,000 which is a kind of shorthanded mode.  He finished 19th in $10,000 Main Event.  He won his second poker championship in the year 2005 held at Las Vegas.  Minh Ly was born in the year 1967, he worked as a welder, and that was his former career then he moved from Vietnam to the place Las Vegas in the year 1986.  In the 80’s, he worked as an assistant in a kitchen of a Chinese restaurant.

Jeff Lisandro is imbibed with Dexterity for Poker

When some people hear of high stakes in poker, they are gripped with the fear of losing substantial amounts of cash. However, it is not all enthusiasts who have the offsetting tendency to flirt with the exiguous bonuses online without going for a high stakes killing. In this topnotch players list lies Jeff Lisandro, like other clandestine growing superstars his rise to prominence came during the WSOP 2009 when he got media attention. He hails from, Perth in Australia. To impugn the aphorism that gambling is risky, he has launched himself in global poker competition where he has emerged powerfully domineering.

He won his first ever during the 2007 WSOP golden bracelet in a 7-Card Stud tournament. He struggled and final tabled against the likes of heroic Daniel Negreanu to get the glory that had hedged him for long. He came close to getting another one, finishing second during the World Championship PL event. But the win at the $10,000 World Championship 7-Cards Stud Hi-Lo which gave him a bracelet was a major breakthrough. He finished first and won $124,975. Moreover, he has incredibly made thirty-one cashes, with twelve final tables. He was 17th at the WSOP Main Event, walking away with $659,730. That was not bad as he has continued with potent brilliance in all games that he has played.

His live tournaments earnings range over $4 million, he is also vibrant on the online casino games where his scores and performance is commendable. His moves are rich with punctilios tactics that have enabled him to become conspicuous in the poker industry. It is during this tournament that he finally became a formidable Stud at the global level. Weighing his resume ingredients, one would not be making a facile assertion to say he is inclined to win even more. His focal point should be the World Poker Tour title, European Poker Tour and upcoming WSOP main events.