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Jeff Lisandro is imbibed with Dexterity for Poker

When some people hear of high stakes in poker, they are gripped with the fear of losing substantial amounts of cash. However, it is not all enthusiasts who have the offsetting tendency to flirt with the exiguous bonuses online without going for a high stakes killing. In this topnotch players list lies Jeff Lisandro, like other clandestine growing superstars his rise to prominence came during the WSOP 2009 when he got media attention. He hails from, Perth in Australia. To impugn the aphorism that gambling is risky, he has launched himself in global poker competition where he has emerged powerfully domineering.

He won his first ever during the 2007 WSOP golden bracelet in a 7-Card Stud tournament. He struggled and final tabled against the likes of heroic Daniel Negreanu to get the glory that had hedged him for long. He came close to getting another one, finishing second during the World Championship PL event. But the win at the $10,000 World Championship 7-Cards Stud Hi-Lo which gave him a bracelet was a major breakthrough. He finished first and won $124,975. Moreover, he has incredibly made thirty-one cashes, with twelve final tables. He was 17th at the WSOP Main Event, walking away with $659,730. That was not bad as he has continued with potent brilliance in all games that he has played.

His live tournaments earnings range over $4 million, he is also vibrant on the online casino games where his scores and performance is commendable. His moves are rich with punctilios tactics that have enabled him to become conspicuous in the poker industry. It is during this tournament that he finally became a formidable Stud at the global level. Weighing his resume ingredients, one would not be making a facile assertion to say he is inclined to win even more. His focal point should be the World Poker Tour title, European Poker Tour and upcoming WSOP main events.

David Bakes Baker

David Bakes Baker was born on the 17th October in the year 1986 is a proficient American poker player who has won a World Series of Poker wrist bracelet and showed up at four World Series of Poker last tables. He additionally has a Spring Championship of Online Poker title (Scoop). Baker at the moment has over USD 2 million in competition winnings. (more…)

Quiet Voice in Poker

Daniel Alaei is a respected player in the poker industry. He is playing incredible through the years and he is still working hard to improve his game. He was born in 1983 at California and grew up in the same city. He is a sports lover also with keen interest in basketball and baseball. When Daniel was nine years old, he was shifted to Los Angeles with his parents. His father was running a successful business and he was not so much interested in schooling. He travelled all around the United States with his father for card shows. At the same time, he started playing card games with his friends.

During his teen age, he came back to California and started playing poker. Soon he became quite voice in poker and his life us full of poker victories and successes. He started participating in live poker in 2003 but he started achieving success in 2004. He has made several final tables during his entire poker career and still he is getting incredible success in his poker career. He was extremely happy when he won his first tournament at Bicycle casino in 2004. Today he is a reputed poker player known worldwide.

He is continuously participating in bigger poker tournaments like WSOP and WTP. He has also won gold bracelets at WSOP tournaments. The year 2009 was truly lucky for Daniel when he won his second bracelet at WSOP tournament. Till now he has made number of cashes at live poker tournaments. His impressive performance is still continued in 2013 also. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also. With the progressive years, his skills will also improve accordingly. We wish him all the best for his coming years so that he could achieve incredible success in the game.

Jose Barbero

Jose Ignacio Barbero played with the nick name of Nacho and was famous for his capability to play any game strategically and ensure that he is on the winning edge. He started his career as a Magic player and this is where he learnt all the strategies of the game. Magic: The Gathering taught him the basic moves which are important for winning any game. Jose was a skilled player and this is the reason why he found a spot in the national team, where he represented the country and managed to win a title and excel in the championships. (more…)

Heinecker Wins $4.4 Million GDAM

German Player Heinecker is doing wonderful in the poker history. Recently, he has won $4.4 million at GDAM main event. It was a historical victory for German Player Heinecker where he was able to manage such a big amount. The player has already participated in plenty of poker tournaments in past. His performance is truly incredible and appreciable in the poker world. His total earning during the year 2013 is more than $4 millions. This is the biggest cash prize he has ever won in his life. There were legend poker profiles against him at the final table. It was really tough for him to make the victory among such popular faces. But finally he managed his game to become ultimate winner.

The second good name at GDAM event was Rossiter. He took $3.1 million at the fourth day to his home. It can be taken as biggest cash value of Rossiter’s career. One Canadian player was giving tough competition to German Player Heinecker. Mizzi was ranked third with total earning of $2 million. It is also the biggest cash of Mizzi’s poker career. Briefly, we may conclude that it was the biggest poker tournament where everyone has played so well. The event was overpriced so it was so important for legend poker profiles.

Isaac Haxton was ranked fifth with 15.3 million chip count. He has won plenty of poker events in his past. Poker is a mixed game of skills and luck. It was the day for German Player Heinecker where he has made such wonderful score. We are looking for a deep run from German Player Heinecker in near future also. He is planning to participate in upcoming poker bigger tournament to win more cash amount. Big tournaments are truly valuable for professional players as they are overpriced.

Make it to the top

I get a few hundred requests a year from fans asking how they can make it as professional poker players. This week we take a closer look at two top poker players rise to the very top, so you can see how they did it, and how you can do it too.

Annie Duke
Born in Concord, New Hampshire, Annie Duke was brought up in an intellectual atmosphere right from her childhood. She loved challenges right from the childhood and this is the main reason for her interest in games and slots, both outdoors and indoors. She loved to play with cards right from the beginning and this is where she found out her passion for the games which are related with cards.

She had a great logical streak right from the beginning and this was the main reason for her success on the tables and online casino games, where the most powerful games were to be played. As she came from an intellectual family, her sense of calculation took her to places where all she saw was success. (more…)