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Gus Hansen

It was like Gus Hansen had the game in his genes; the way he proficiently played the game, no person would say that he was not a pro at the game. Gus Hansen was born in Denmark and had started playing tennis and backgammon at a very early age. His passion for games and sports matured with age and when he took up poker, he found his forte. This was when he was sent in a student exchange program to the United States and he discovered poker. The year 2002 saw him playing a major tournament and winning it at a grand scale. This was only the beginning; what followed later was to change the entire course of the life of Gus Hansen.

In the year 2002, Gus Hansen won the WPT Classic championship and took home a cash prize of $556,460 and this was when he knew that this is what he wanted to do. Each year, he participated in the major events and kept winning. He always found his spot in the top ranker and this is the reason why his popularity was growing immensely. Form one title to the other, he moved on to the top rankers of the game and was soon a force to be reckoned with.

The year 2010 saw him winning his first bracelet and this was when he also won the Full Tilt Poker with a cash prize of $1 million! This was the best year of his poker history till date. This is just the beginning though. There are many milestones on which his heart is set and this makes it easy for him to keep on winning tournaments. He is also the founder of an online poker website which was later sold to another company. Poker is his passion and he loves to play and propagate the game.

Professional V/S the Amateur

In the field of the poker while playing poker games the audience can immediately make out, who is a professional player? And who is an amateur player? The playing methods and techniques of these two players would be quite different from one another. The professional player plays in a smart way, whereas an amateur player plays in a good way. A player who has a disciple within its inner is a professional player and a player who does not have a disciple is symbolized as an amateur player. Likewise, there are lot of differences between a highly professional player and knowing game rules an amateur player.

An amateur player should always be safe from a professional player. This is most important part in the game of the poker from which every player should be know and understands during his/her play sessions. The decision making power tendency of a professional player is always high and better than that of an amateur player. A professional player plays games with a confident within himself/herself; whereas, an amateur player plays games with an over-confident within himself/herself.

It is but obvious that, all the players in their initial days relies upon luck and fortune much more rather than their skills and strategies; so as, an amateur player play games by depending upon their luck and fortune as well. A player can be a professional player with their presence of mind, confident, mental skills, will power, decision making tendency and many more. When a player makes or creates mistakes he/she does not blame anyone of them such as luck, bad day or fortune. They feel that, it was their mistake because of it they lose the game and try to improve them by learning from their mistakes. One can be a professional player only after getting experience and by learning and improving their skills.


The poker show in the city of Venice where the oldest casino resides continues to entertain all the poker fans around the world and similarly receiving huge media coverage. The beauty of Venice and its culture adds an extra taste to the events with season 6 of the event of World tour tournament continuing on Monday last week as the day 1 of the action held at the Grand prix. Season VIII of the event held at the old Casino di Venezia, the worldsoldest casino.

The starting flight events attracted a total of 61 entrants. After 8 levels ofextensive play, the player shining was none other than Behm who was the chip leader holding 188, 000 chips in hand. Enjoying the second position and following closely behind wasMarvin Rattenmaeir, a two time world poker tour champion. The games attracted some of the world’s most renowned players. Some of the faces worth noting included, , Kara Scott, Gerelle Bauman andmike Sexton the world poker tour commentator and also a poker ambassador. He was reported in before the start of the games describing his excitement to be in the games.

Stephen Behm managed to maintain his lead in the games up to the end. However, maintaining the lead in a table full of world poker stars was not an easy task but on that day of play non one prove to be an equal of new poker stars. On a lighter note, it has been interesting noting how most of the games are won by the new faces with the worlds stars having to watch h the games from the screens after being eliminated. We can only predict that in one years time, most of the now pros will have been swallowed by the new poker players.

Rigorous Schedule of Daniel Negreanu

Before the 41st Annual World Poker Series, the professional poker players were busy scheduling their affairs and matches. The World Poker Series was scheduled to begin on May 28th, 2010. It was then Daniel Negreanu opened up about his hectic schedule and the Poker World Series. Daniel, who considers Las Vegas as his utmost home, does not have to be in a grueling travel schedule that some other poker players might have to incur upon, but he does have some grueling tight schedule for the series that would seem very tiresome on paper. The schedule would compel him to be at the Poker table for most of the series.

He states that the series is unevenly balanced as he himself does not know which events out of the many he would be doing well in. The schedule produced is a rough draft and the accuracy of the schedule is in question too. Negreanu also states that his primary focus was the World Poker Series, and for some time now he had set aside special practice time for this tournament, and executed them perfectly. He would try to use up 8 hours for his games as if to block the next day and hence conquer the championship buys which are scheduled to be held at 5 pm.

Daniel Negreanu also declared that he would take part in all the $ 10000 events of the Buy championship, the $ 50000 games of the championship, and of course the main event of the World Poker Series. He would also take part in some of the smaller events such as some of the $ 1500 championships like the Limit Hold’em, the HORSE etc. So after summing it up, he told that he would approximately play in about 26 games of the 2010 Annual World Poker Series.

New achievement for Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi, a great poker player has added a new project to his list where he has officially signed up a deal with Lock Pro Team. Michael is already associated with number of brands like Turlock, ISPT, Breeders Cup, Deep Stacks etc. Now he has finally decided to join a growing brand that is working Chris Moorman and Annette Obrestad.

According to the owner of Lock poker pro team, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi is a legend of poker industry. He is a perfect blend of passion, hard work, dedication, incredible skills, and perseverance. He can be taken as backbone of poker industry. His great work and honesty makes him different from others. During his entire poker career, he has won more than $14 million and two gold bracelets in WSOP main event. He has also won the poker title in such a short time span. It is really hard for any other player to maintain such impressive and amazing credentials than Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi.

Michael has won WPT titles with big cash prize. Today, Lock Poker Pro Team is growing exponentially and it can be considered as leader in the poker world. Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi is truly happy with this partnership and looking for a deep run in future. The partnership will be certainly beneficial for this great player in the coming future. According to his statement, he cannot wait more to start working with Lock Pro team.

Since his childhood, he was planning o become a doctor. But poker has inspired him in such a way that he finally decided to become a professional poker player only. His elder brother is also a popular poker player and doing very well in the gambling industry. Today, he is playing full time poker and living a happy life with his family.