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The 2012 EPT Campione is a huge success and is believed to be a well known poker playing circuit, not only in Europe but also in other regions. This edition assembled 569 poker participants during the 2 entry days, which is a record in the count of participants who grabbed a sum of € 2764500 as a prize. After the Day 1A experienced the complete domination of Davide Andreoni confronted a pack of 178 poker players and 391 participants registered on Day 1B.

Among them we can say Bruno “Kool Shen” Lopes, Martin Jacobsen, Arnaud Mattern, Ilan Boujenah, Kevin MacPhee, Dominik Nitsche, Matthias De Meulder, Guillaume Darcourt, Eugene Katchalov, Fabrice Soulier, Steve O’Dwyer and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier.

At the day’s end, Nicolas Chouity have the lead along with a deal of 165800 chips followed by Andrea Benelli (163400 chips), Stefano Demontis (154700 chips), Andrey Gulyy (138000 chips), Andras Kovacs (131900 chips), Calvin Anderson (126500 chips), Andrey Demidov (125500 chips), Jannick Wrang (121400 chips), Fabrice Soulier (115700 chips) and Bryan Piccoli (112900 chips).

Amont other players who were qualified for the next day, it was Arnaud Mattern, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Mikael Rotman, Jean-Philippe Rohr, Fabrice Soulier, Laurent Brach, , Antonin Tesseire and Jean Philippe Peyratoux.

Therefore, Wednesday will assemble 325 survivors of the Day 1A and Day 1B. The 2012 EPT Campione will allow 88 poker pros to enter in the money along with minimum progfit of € 7500 while the champion of this poker championship will have € 640000.


Of late online poker has evolved big time and in the last decade it has made significant number of offerings for every level of internet poker player. Purple Lounge is one of the most popular poker rooms in the internet which has made some changes in its venue. It has decided to leave Microgaming poker network and switch to Swedish Entraction poker network. In a press release issued, Purple Lounge has explained the reasons for switching away from Microgaming network.

It said that because of changes in the online poker industry, it has decided to move away from the network as the change is necessary to keep the same quality of play available to customer.
However, the move is quite controversial since moving away from Microgaming will deny players from Canada and Russia to miss the play. However, participants from the Dutch jurisdiction will be accepted by the site. Though this may be seen as a good thing for some of the participants of the Purple Lounge poker, several participants still look forward to Microgaming and other gambling venues.

It is to be noted that Microgaming has recently come up with a brand new game slot titled The Grand Journey where the game is set in prehistoric times and various symbols such as explorer, T-Rex, the temple etc are used to bring the game back to life. A standard wild symbol is used to feature the slot game. In terms of quality online gambling content Microgaming is still the market leader and despite PurpleLounge has changed suppliers it has not suffered.


The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event as well as the Super High Roller might be be grabbing the big news headlines, but the quite tenacious list of other events at the Atlantis are giving rise some vast pay-days and especially for 2 WSOP Main Event winners.

Main Event champion of 2009, Joe Cada, picked up the largest score of his poker career beyond the Main Event by grabbing the $ 2000 No Limit Hold’em side event, a championship which attract a huge field of 348 poker players and presented Cada $ 175550 for 1st place.  Cada was fell in at the final table by Mike Telker, who grabbed 2nd position, 4th place Shannon Shorr and 6th position finisher J. C.  Alvarado.

Joe was not the alone Main Event champion to pass some period in the winner’s band either. The WSOP 2010 winner Jonathan Duhamel extended his PCA spicy run by going through his 4th position finish in the $ 100000 Super High Roller along with a gain in the $ 5000 No Limit Hold’em side event.  Duhamel found out an added $ 239830 to go with the $ 313600 he gained in the $ 100000 event.  Though, in a final table show in the $ 5000 Turbo championship and Duhamel’s 2012 PCA bounty is at $ 571420 at present.

$ 5000 final table of Duhamel may have been only as elusive as the Super High Roller final 8, as the French Canadian poker pro was got together by Jason Mercier, the WSOP bracelet achiever Stammen, reigning WSOP Main Event Champion Heinz, who grabbed 5th position and Owen Crowe.  Since gaining the Main Event a over one year ago, Duhamel has received an added $ 1.1 million in profits and it is the most of a Main Event champion since Joe Hachem in the year 2005.

Focus on: Joe Cada

Joe Cada is a professional player of poker born in 1987 in the United States, in Michigan. His fame in the poker world comes from the fact that he won the WSOP 2009 Main Event.

He managed to do that when he was just 21 years old, so he became the youngest poker player to become champion at the World Series. Before he managed to do this, he had two finishes in the money at the World Series, also in 2009. He started playing online poker a few years before his performance at the World Series and he was mainly an online player, having winnings of over $0.5 million right now. In 2010, his total winnings from live tournaments had reached $8.55 million, thanks in large to his WSOP Main Event win.

His start with online poker was when he was just 16 years old and he started playing live poker in Canada when he was 19, since he wasn’t allowed to do it in the US until he was 21.

He was playing around 2,000 hands each day on the PokerStars site in the year when he won the World Series. From 2008 to 2009, Joe Cada already had $551,788 in earning from live tournaments, but his WSOP win took him a lot further. By the time he reached the World Series he had a downswing of $150,000, which made him look for financial bakers in order to take part in the World Series. He found them and had to give up half his winnings in return for them paying the online fee so he could take part in the World Series.

He likes to play online on Sundays, during online tournaments, and he has up to 15 friends come over when this happens, so they can play online together and keep each other company.