Fabrice Soulier-Poker professional winning H. O. R. S. E championship

When you think of the games to play, you can consider playing the game Poker. Poker is one such game which you can play to interest yourself whereby it also yields you the fame, prize, awards, cashes, and also the bracelets too. Thus the game is in interesting game which can make you play the game rightly, when you are a professional or when you know the tricks. The tricks matters the most when you play. Among such players, you can consider Fabrice as he is the player who holds the championship of winning H. O. R. S. E event.

The player hails from the place of France. Fabrice Soulier is really familiar for the bagging of the bracelet in the main event of 2011 World Series of Poker. The player was born on April 23rd 1969. It was by the year the player played and won the bracelet proudly in his hands. Also, the professional has won the H.O.R.S.E. Championship. The player has earned like anything after winning from this event. The player’s nickname is fabsoul, which he uses the name to play in Poker stars whereby the player now resides at Las Vegas. Also, the player has met the final table for more than around 4 times. The player has engaged in making the money finish for around 18 times.

As fabsoul:

The player plays the game much professionally whereby he hails from the place of Avignon exactly from the country France. The player’s highest ITM finish was by the year 2009. The player Fabrice Soulier engaged in money finish which was 5 in numbers. In addition to his poker career, before playing the poker game, the player was the director to French TV series Farce Attack and Un gars, etc. the game played by him turns to stand professionally.