Heinecker Wins $4.4 Million GDAM

German Player Heinecker is doing wonderful in the poker history. Recently, he has won $4.4 million at GDAM main event. It was a historical victory for German Player Heinecker where he was able to manage such a big amount. The player has already participated in plenty of poker tournaments in past. His performance is truly incredible and appreciable in the poker world. His total earning during the year 2013 is more than $4 millions. This is the biggest cash prize he has ever won in his life. There were legend poker profiles against him at the final table. It was really tough for him to make the victory among such popular faces. But finally he managed his game to become ultimate winner.

The second good name at GDAM event was Rossiter. He took $3.1 million at the fourth day to his home. It can be taken as biggest cash value of Rossiter’s career. One Canadian player was giving tough competition to German Player Heinecker. Mizzi was ranked third with total earning of $2 million. It is also the biggest cash of Mizzi’s poker career. Briefly, we may conclude that it was the biggest poker tournament where everyone has played so well. The event was overpriced so it was so important for legend poker profiles.

Isaac Haxton was ranked fifth with 15.3 million chip count. He has won plenty of poker events in his past. Poker is a mixed game of skills and luck. It was the day for German Player Heinecker where he has made such wonderful score. We are looking for a deep run from German Player Heinecker in near future also. He is planning to participate in upcoming poker bigger tournament to win more cash amount. Big tournaments are truly valuable for professional players as they are overpriced.