How Joe Cada Axed Online Sites

Joe Cada has played on lots of online sites before the seizure order that was vested on most popular poker sites in United States of America.  When the saga of Black Friday began, there was another back leash against the government of America from Pokerstars. The reason for this action was that they were registered in foreign country and hence would ignore the rule of law by Kentucky.

Where was Las Vegas in all these court actions? Las Vegas has hosted Joe Cada and would always welcome him to their state for World Series of Poker main Event. What this means is that the state is a force in poker and should have a major discussion in any problem of poker.  Kentucky is not as hot as Las Vegas in Poker but has made a significant impact in safe guarding their citizens against frauds.  Protection of citizens from sites that would not be truthful to themselves cannot be tolerated by Kentucky.

Las Vegas is casino and without casino, Las Vegas may turn to be Washington.  This is not the case with Kentucky which has demonstrated that they can be a state without online poker. The sites that have made their imprint on the minds of Kentucky lost out when players like Joe Cada rejected the sites because of the ugly incident that happened. Extortion of money from innocent poker players is stealing which is not welcomed by any responsible poker player. A lot of people and poker platforms that had been caught do not have a good story to tell because of the punishment that was melted on them. Today, players like Joe Cada would not allow the affected online sites that were operating in United States of America from not getting their own by rejecting them and disassociating with them.