Indian Casino Denies $1.37 Million Jackpot

It would be a very big tragedy of all of the sudden you won a $1.3 million jackpot in the casino took a back. Back in November of 2010 a guy did just that. Jerry won $1,377,015 playing slots at a casino in Montgomery Alabama where he was denied the winnings where the casino hold him flat out that it was a computer malfunction.

All the lights and sirens went off a machine with the staff at the casino constantly coming up congratulating him for the enormous fortune he just won. Mr. Eight alleges that one of the staff members approached them and even warned him that the casinos going to rip the more the money somehow. The one staff member in question was turned away after being kept by it thought gambling in the station behind closed doors. After having a meeting nothing can about this witness.

It took them to the following day to deny Mr. Rape’s jackpot winnings but at the same time offered him $125 instead. After this Mr. Rape hired an attorney telling him that he known all along that he sat down at a machine that was constantly malfunctioning according to other staff members of the casino.

He was not going to stand for this and he took his grievance all away to the court of law. Montgomery County cork circuit judge Eugene Raines dismisses his claim because he didn’t want to go against the tribe. He said this matter what the better taken care of in tribal court under their own jurisdiction.

They tried to appeal the decision but unfortunately his client was not protected by the gambling laws of the state of Alabama. They had a goal by what the reservation said and by the Indian law on this matter. Many followers, including Raymond Rahme and Sam Stein took the matter into their own hands and started venting their frustration out on online forums.