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  • Wow, this is insane – the odds of calling both cards right: (2/45)*(1/44) = .1%, I mean ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

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  • it was raise+ 2 calls then the all in sqz. stfu now.

  • You said that everybody was limping in and that Thorson on the Big Blind was moving in just so he could steal the blinds.
    This is hardly the case.
    There were just two players (not everbody) involved before the action came to Thorson and there had been a raise and a flat call by Racener.
    There was no limping involved, else this hand would’ve played out entirely different.

  • U are saying the same I wrote, Racener flat call ’cause he knew that Thorson was capable to do it, he said himself at the end “I got the feeling u did it cause u Know I will do it”…so, what was the incorrect part?

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  • I had no idea Thorson went this deep in to the Main Event last year, but by coincidence I was filling in my ‘Fantasy Poker’ on FTP today and I wondered why I couldn’t pick William Thorson.
    He’s a PokerStars Pro, he’s well established and has made some nice results right. I didn’t even know about his deep run last year, but that just shows he’s someone to keep an eye on.
    Just utter bullshit that you can’t pick him.

  • Incorrect. At the end they were discussing what they were thinking in this hand. From what I understand of it (and that’s a fair part of it) is that Racener flat called with KK on a opening raise, because he knew Thorson was capable of reshoving with a decent hand.
    If there only has been a raise and a call, a 30BB stack can be very effective for reshoving. It’s a big commitment for the other players to call and you have a lot of fold equity squeezing with a stack that big.

  • løl_ï_sïgñêd_up_ât_fûll_tilt_pökér

  • The guy he won knew that the other guy gonna goes all in just for steal the blinds ’cause everybody was limping and he was the big blind.

  • What did the two mean at the end?

  • That was pro calls!

  • how the fuck did the know what cards wer comin next?