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  • When I was 21 my hair was like his, now I’m bald. maybe he should spend some of his $8500000 winnings on some Rogaine.

  • @ozgurdiren because the appeal is that he is only 21 and won the main event

  • He’s wearing Greg Raymers shirt


  • What the fuck? How did he get on letterman?

  • @FortyOzSwilla i guess so, anyway i’m not one to judge.

  • @canarycharlwood if he started when he just turned 18 it equates to 4 years

  • how awkward. and who picked out that shirt?

  • why the fuck ivey does not show up on tv shows instead of those little kids..

  • joe sucked a vieuw times on final table u have to get atleast 10 suck outs 2 win a big tourn.

  • He’ll be bald soon!

  • @geniusjas87 Same here. He didn’t seen comfortable at all.

  • he might have no style but he’s got a gorgeous gold diggin’ girlfriend lmao

  • It doesnt matter man..he played good the whole tournament..but Moon is a beast…hes so aggresive thats good bout fuckin poker player

  • @Drewb18c1
    I see someone took their douchebag medication today, as opposed to the other day when you talked to me like a sparkling cuntbag. Since you learned manners, tell your sister I’ll start fucking her again, but I’m not wearing the dishgloves anymore. I returned the Smurf costume as well, so she doesn’t have to call me Pappa anymore. I’ll be shipping out to Iraq in a few days, so I’ll miss you guys more than ever. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Blow me and think happy thoughts.

  • @vegasnutzz haha i seriously love that reply!

  • @Drewb18c1
    Shhhhh, as much as I love you, this madness cannot continue. Please eat shit and die. And Yes, Pokerstars is out to get me. They are sitting outside my house right now. They are always outside, watching and waiting……..
    Tell the Carrot Feeder that breeding the oven mitts got too much radiation from the backlash. The whole thing took a nosedive. I love you, please write back ASAP

  • it’s “wear” fyi

    also, he seemed to say he was staked on the tournament, so he didn’t keep the entire 8.5 mil. also, to poker players, a good chunk of what you make is your bankroll (the cash you use to gamble in future tables/tournaments)

    plus…he’s a 22 year old guy who mostly makes his living playing poker online

    so props to him for giving a rats ass about letterman…winning the main event is way more of an accomplishment

  • @vegasnutzz uh oh…is somebody angry because he just can’t manage to catch a break? i’m sure pokerstars is out there to get you

  • Why was cada on Letterman? Fuck Joe Cada. And Fuck Pokerstars.

  • i went to junior high with this kid

  • I sensed a little lack of respect there from the old man

  • Why is this guy on Letterman? Like no personality at all.

  • I hate these shows where the host has NO FUCKING IDEA WHATSOEVER about the subject and tries to make some lame-ass jokes.

  • @rewirewi Not as bad as Jerry Yang