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  • @rewirewi like jamie gold?

  • The worst win in the history of WSOP, in fact people now use the word ‘Cada’ as a general term of abuse for someone who plays a BS hand and wins. He should never have won.

  • @amxrtdket Your wrong because Ivey deserved the bracelet more than anyone at the final table or the entire entry field for that matter.

  • @danpking worst arguments are usually this: “If you’re so good, you do it better.” Or, “He’s better than you.” I’ll guess that not one person on this message board has played the WSOP, so to say, “I don’t see you winning the WSOP,” is a stupid argument. If we had to do or match everything we criticized, it’d be anarchy. I don’t like Avatar, should I go out and make another movie?

  • cada is moron o i mean yet another moron to win main event

  • lol guys r saying joe cada is a donk but i dont see u winning the wsop and 8.5 million dollars

  • he was banned from partypoker and pokerstars for entering multiple accounts in the big sunday tournaments…. however many high rollers from back then claim that nearly everyone was doing it and none of them viewed it as wrong. gavin smith, and the grinder have even admitted to doing it themselves.

  • he should be banned for cheating they were wayyyyyyyyy way to leneant on him, YES he can play well but that doesnt take away the fact hes a cheating bastard

  • that’s justin bonomo he has had incredibly impressive results for his age.
    A lot better than your results i’ll assume

  • like how you call other people play money retards like you’re something else, then in your very next paragraph state something remarkably stupid, considering wsop 07 WAS broadcast live video feed.

  • what a joke, this guy sucks.

  • Lots of playmoney retards in the comments here. They always believe the best starting hand should always win, even though it’s only 2 cards out of 7. Suckouts and making draws are poker. And swearing and getting angry are the signs of a poor player

    Homereality: they had permission for an audio feed only. There is no way they’ll ever broadcast poker live, you’d have assistants watching the cards and the tells and sending back summaries and strategy hints by text messages, influencing the game.

  • Joe is such a great player and he deserves it!

  • im on about gayboy in red top commentating

  • look at the cheater he should be banned for LIFE

  • that was a small pot, even if Ivey won that pot he would still be the shortstack. Win or lose that pot wouldn’t change anything

  • yea he played so bad that he won the whole things all of you are dumb motherfuckers there is no right way to play poker the sooner you realize that the better player you will become

  • I HATE YOU JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!

  • If any young gun is to win the wsop I see two in this video. Bonomo and Haxton, both sick players.

  • Sorry guys I missed most of the last table……was Ivey sitting on a big stack when he got donked out by Moon?

  • I like how everyone is hating on Cada and nobody is commenting on Darvin Moondonk. Bad beat Ivey holding AQ against AK……wtfart

  • exactly, what the hell is wrong with phil, he should be seething right now. fuck joe cadonk. worst wsop ever.


  • CADA you are a lucky boy, but congratulation

  • I do agree though about the final all-in for Saout. Moon only had about $ 59 million at that point and Saout should have focused on Moon, who was playing erratic.

    He was probably still shaken by the double up from Cada only fours hands earlier, when Cada sucked out on 2-2 to beat Saout’s Q-Q.

    Made the fewest mistakes, but made that fatal last one. He should have bid his time and tried to take out Moon. He goes to final table with $ 80 – 90 MM and Cada would have had $ 100 – $ 110.