Joe Cada

Joseph Cada, better known as Joe or The Kid is an American professional poker player who shot to fame after becoming the youngest player to become a champion. He won the 2009 World Series of Poker event and formed a huge fan base. This young kid made it in the records for the youngest player to end up being a champion and beat the previous record of Peter East Gate. Joe Cada comes from a small township in Michigan called Shelby Charter.

Prior to the championship, Joe Cada used to play poker online and has also won in many tournaments. His current tournament earnings are nearly about 8,550,000 dollars at present. Born on November 18th, 1987, he has always had the passion for poker from a very young age. He stated playing professional poker right from the age of 16 where he staked accounts on his elder brother’s name. Initially he did manage to lose a lot of money from the account.  However this also gave him a lot of experience and once he turned 19 he managed to enter a few casinos in Canada. Although being from Detroit, he could not play in any of the American casinos because the legal age was 21 years.

Although Joe Cada comes from a family of card enthusiasts, none of his parents were happy with his choice of career. His mother was a black jack dealer and his father was unemployed due to the recession in the late 2000’s.

His performance at the World Series of Poker was outstanding. Just before his final table gigantic victory he managed to earn a lot from other championships as well. This also ended up in his earning of a 1 million contract from Poker Stars. This contract included everything right from his travel and stay and food at the various hotels. Although his agent Dan Frank had come up with numerous offers Joe Cada decided to stick on with Poker Stars over the other offers like Ultimate Bet and Poker Host. He also managed to grab an interview at ESPN due to his upcoming success and achievements and he further showed his interest for joining Poker Stars even there. In the World Series of Poker, Joe Cada managed to make it to the tournament chip leader on the third of the four opening days and there was no looking back from there. He continued to maintain this position and eventually and finally made it to the ultimate champion.

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