Jose Barbero

Jose Ignacio Barbero played with the nick name of Nacho and was famous for his capability to play any game strategically and ensure that he is on the winning edge. He started his career as a Magic player and this is where he learnt all the strategies of the game. Magic: The Gathering taught him the basic moves which are important for winning any game. Jose was a skilled player and this is the reason why he found a spot in the national team, where he represented the country and managed to win a title and excel in the championships.

When he had mastered the game of Magic, he decided to explore further avenues and moved on to the game of poker. Here he found his forte and caught up on the strategies quickly. From online games, where he achieved great success within no time, Jose moved on to the live games and this is where he came in terms with the real thrills of life.

Playing live games at the William Hill live casino, Jose understood the actual meaning of winning and ensured that he did not lose games. Winning became his second nature and he managed to carve a niche for himself within no time.

The wins from the online tournaments soon accumulated and assisted him in entering the live tournaments. From here on there was no looking back; from one win to the other, Jose was soon becoming a great poker player. Traveling from one location to another in search of wins, he managed to cash in large amounts of money and in the process, travelled to various locations of great importance. He has one of the greatest records in his name; he has won more than one tournaments back to back and in the process made a great place for himself in the international tournaments.