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  • he may be lucky, but he won 9 mil, and most of you are grinding micro’s…. get over it and quit the youtube hate you broke ass bitches

  • if hellmuth was in shulman position, there will be a big fucking blow up there! and this time I’m on hellmuth side if he called cada an idiot

  • Cada, luckiest, donkiest player to EVER win a major poker tournament, let alone the Main Event. You can’t beat luck, as they say and this was one Lucky Charms eating motherfucker.

  • Cada is the worst player i’ve ever seen…

  • @Tembath29

    Agree with you but Shulman was playing tight, even nitty i would say so he doesn’t have a wideeeeee range when opening UTG to almost 3BB (even if it’s 5 handed) with like 28-30BB at the beginning of the hand, so i think this was quite a bad resteal against Shulman

  • The worst player at the table…

  • Stupid lucky idiot, he was the worst player at the table, THE WORST!!!!!

  • Cada didn’t do anything wrong on either of the hands he got in with small pairs. This was with five people left and Cada had less than 20BBs left. That’s not a bad resteal spot at all from the small blind with a pair. He wasn’t getting odds to setmine and would be out of position postflop so shoving was absolutely fine. Easy for you to call him a donk when you can see that he ran into a big pair. You carry on folding pairs five-handed at final tables and see how far it gets you.


  • how lucky!

  • @csfjklsafj

    Is he out already?

  • So the main event begins today. No offense to all the poker players off the world and to this guy but one thing that i would never call you guys are celebrities stars asking for autographs from people like this. Its almost like this game shouldn’t even be played on live tv but just live in person and whoever is lucky to win the millions. Nevertheless if you really love the game god bless you and to my brother in law who is playing today.

  • what a donk man.. incredible.. did it twice this bastard

  • I give more probs to Jamie Gold

  • @Stix3220
    Annotations off?

  • @redhidus How about shoving deuces against Antoine Saouts QQ???

  • He’s a rich donkey now!

  • I hate lucky idiots. I was playing 2-5no limit last night and a cada like donkey pushed all in preflop with 45 of hearts against my Aces and he flopped a fucking straight. Poker is so sick sometimes

  • stop all these luckbox stuff!
    20bb – less than 2 players to act behind. pocket pair.Its always get it in against shulman who folds AK preflop on all ins 🙂

  • How did Cada get to the final table with this donk strategy?

  • how the hell do you push that much with pocket three’s i hate cada

  • get that shit off the bottom of the screen.

  • joe had/has no idea to play small to mid pocket pairs. he’s just a luckbox donk

  • @AA72AA72 the only good players at that table were phil ivey and jeff shulman

  • I’m remember watching this, it seemed like Joe Cada was down going into every flop, and would somehow hit his cards everytime.