Make it to the top

I get a few hundred requests a year from fans asking how they can make it as professional poker players. This week we take a closer look at two top poker players rise to the very top, so you can see how they did it, and how you can do it too.

Annie Duke
Born in Concord, New Hampshire, Annie Duke was brought up in an intellectual atmosphere right from her childhood. She loved challenges right from the childhood and this is the main reason for her interest in games and slots, both outdoors and indoors. She loved to play with cards right from the beginning and this is where she found out her passion for the games which are related with cards.

She had a great logical streak right from the beginning and this was the main reason for her success on the tables and online casino games, where the most powerful games were to be played. As she came from an intellectual family, her sense of calculation took her to places where all she saw was success.

With her education is psychology, she would read the minds of the opponents and this manner have an upper hand in the game. With her training in languages, she could easily move from one country to another and language would not be a hindrance to her. Being a strong poker player, she was a force to be reckoned with. Her ability to analyze each situation and get the maximum benefits out of it to win the game is her forte, whilst she also turned her attention to detail to help’s realistic gameplay for its slots games.

After finishing her education, she started looking for earning avenues and this is when she decided to study the game of poker further and make it her life line – starting off with the best free slot machines online. She started taking up cash games and started earning money on the local tables. This took her to Las Vegas, where she participated in poker tournaments and started winning large sums of money.

There has been no looking back since then and she has been winning over the years from live tables. Her track record was a great one and an inspiration for new players. From small victories, she went on to win large top online casinos tournaments and each championship added to her bank balance.

John Dolan
John Dolan started playing the game of poker at a very young age and since then, he has been winning small amounts of money. From games with his friends, he moved on to play online poker games and this is where he was offered to opportunity to win big time. When he started winning online games, he took the big step of dropping out of college to pursue the game of poker full time. This was one decision which was not welcomed by his family and even John Dolan felt that this decision was not a right one after experience.

Though the initial games were really good for John Dolan, he had no idea when his downfall started and this is when he regretted his decision to drop out of college. He wished he had finished his education so he could get a decent job. He now took up small jobs to survive and this is where he took up a job of dealing cards, which provided the much needed wings to his career. This was when he started playing the game of his passion again and started participating in major casino online games within no time. This was the first step in moving towards the fame and glory which were once his a long time ago. He was also very successful at online slots but chose to take up poker.

He decided to focus on winning each game and this was when the cash prizes began accumulating and John Dolan was a name and acquired the fame which he always craved for. This time he made sure that he managed the earned money wisely so that he would not lose it and make sure that this amount grew with time. From small tournaments to big ones, there was no looking back for John Dolan now.

Year on year, he started strengthening his position and winning all the games he had ever dreamt of, and even giving his name up to his own free slots game.