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  • @draviva8359
    Sounds good, I can spare 10 bucks my FTP ID = vivadune8844 :]

    And yep
    I found on Full Tilts blog recently you can currently make an account on their webpage and use the bonus code AMERICAS if ya don’t presently have one with em.I think it’s the recommended way if you’re a beginner to start off.. Your first deposit get DOUBLED in addition to a couple other amazing perks. It is only going work for the first 2000 players that create an account with this

  • cada sucks 33 vs jj 44 vs a8 . .. then gets lucky with aces .. come on ..

  • jon cada won the 8.5 million good job now u can party lol joke just travel the world

  • yeah lol, I understand. I sometimes get that way too.

  • he’s tired… when you play poker for hours and hours… you get a little slow sometimes haha

  • online screen name?

  • It seems like he has trouble forming sentences.