Nejad Talks about Himself and Poker

The announcer of NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Ali Nejad is also an announcer of the Poker After Dark of NBC. He talks about himself and poker in Los Angeles’s Bicycle Casino. He often talks about his career in poker and his future aims in this field.

He is pretty much confident and hopeful to carry forward his poker career in different directions, which he recently said in the ‘The Bicycle Casino’. He was present at the open audition named “Raw Deal” which was organized by World Poker Tour in August, 2010. He frankly talks about his hobby and his passion of playing poker. He has a good sense of humour which was expressed during the interview.

Ali Nejad is not only an announcer and player but also a commentator of the series Pro-Am Poker Equalizer of ESPN, and a devoted poker player at JackpotCity – though you have to be lucky to get a seat at his table!

In 2009, during the PCA episodes he performed on the Ultimate Poker Challenge. He had the capacity to participate during the Poker After Dark episodes. He is sponsored pro at Full Tilt Poker, and he has worked with Poker Road Radio, as well as alongside Daniel Negreanu in the PCA.

Nejad shows his comedy level during the interview level while discussing in several poker topics. This was one of his rare interviews where he talked very frankly and shared almost everything what he loves and what he try to do. Beside the table, he also loves to throw parties. He is a person who knows how to enjoy life, and often finds himself helping people – h’s that nice!