Poker Accomplishments

Joe Cada is the sparkling and professional poker player of Shelby Township, United States. He received number of triumphs in his poker game-play career that includes one outstanding topmost place with extraordinary payout. The total winnings of Joe from various poker tournaments is 9,136, 370 dollars, which is comprises of different prizes and poker rakings.

Joe owned one poker tournament with exceptional WSOP bracelet. This is one of the best examples of Joe’s skillful poker game-play knowledge and his unique talent. Joe obtained the first place with the winning prize of 8,547,042 Dollars during 40th World Series of poker 2009.  This tournament is conducted for the poker players under the category of WSOP No Limit Hold’em poker games. Apart from this first place and WSOP bracelet winnings, Cada obtained second place in 43rd World Series of Poker in the same category of WSOP No Limit Hold’em poker game. In the year of 2012, Cada attended this poker match and gained 412,424 dollars payout for his wonderful game-play.

Addition to this, Joe Cada owned 3rd place in EPT San Remo-season 7 poker tournament, which is based on the poker ultimate poker category that is No Limit Hold’em Turbo. This game-play has been conducted in May, 2011 and it conferred 5,810 dollars winning prize for Joe. Excluding this topmost winnings and achievements, Joe received different poker rankings in various poker game tournaments, such as 11th rank, 13the rank, 17th rank, 26th rank and more. During these different tournaments, Joe amazed the number of viewers and proved his proficiency among limitless counts of poker players. When consider about the total winnings of Joe in a yearly basis, he owned 10,000,000 Dollars in the year of 2009.  After that, Joe obtained the payouts from 2,000,000 dollars to 8, 000,000 during the period of 2009-2010.