Poker and Video Poker: What’s The Difference?

Most of us may be familiar to poker; however, not too many are well aware of its counterpart that works very similar to slots-video poker. This casino favorite is very similar to the best slot machine games while working in the same way as a conventional five-draw poker game.

The biggest difference though between the two is that unlike conventional poker where you are competing with other players in a table, your fate is solely dependent on the random spin of the video poker.

For those who haven’t tried playing this game, there are websites that offer this game on free trial. A website that offers free slots and casino games, where one can practice and have a feel of the game, are recommended. The best online casinos usually offer this kind of freebie to encourage people to try this game online and eventually play with real money.

If you are already adept, or knowledgeable at the very least, in playing poker, then you may want to try to play online slots video poker. So as to make your initial online video poker experience more smooth and stress-free, feel free to read this article to know more about the similarities and differences of conventional poker and video poker.

Video Poker Looks and Works Very Similar to Slots Games

As mentioned earlier, video poker works a lot like a slot machine. The hand that will be dealt to you is purely based on the randomness of the spin of the software. Like the typical slot machine, every combination has a corresponding amount of winning; hence, a strong hand such as two pairs or three of a kind may most probably win you more money than a typical pair or high card combination. Also, another good thing about this game is that you’re most likely to receive a casino bonus when you sign up online.

Mind Games Have Little to No Value in Online Video Poker

You definitely have no one to outwit in an online video poker game. A bad hand dealt to you can’t be saved by bluffing and going all-in against a mentally-weaker opponent. If your five cards do not form a combination, then you no longer have any chance of winning big. This aspect of the game is like a double edged sword though; evidently we’ve already mentioned its downside. Now it’s time to look at its positive side. Continue reading below to know the flipside.

You Can’t Lose With A Great Hand

A three of a kind combination in poker can be considered a strong hand. Logic dictates that this hand is worth playing and taking risks for. However, it does not guarantee a win. A flush or a straight would easily beat that, and as such, you’re already left with less chips on your bankroll. With online video poker though, you won’t be risking anything because the combination alone already brings you winnings. There’s no way for you to “screw things up” or play the card wrong.

There Are No Blinds in Video Poker

Aggressive poker players can either win it big or lose it all in an instant. On the other hand, there are poker players who tend to play it safer in order to stay longer in the table. Blinds help balance the game and avoid a very tight play. In video poker, you won’t have to worry about blinds and just spin to your heart’s content.

There is No Waiting Time in Between Deals/Spins

When you fold in poker, you’ll have to wait for the players still in play to finish before you can resume playing. Though zone poker is now introduced (this type of poker lets players move to a new table immediately after folding), most poker games still work in a wait-until-end-of-the-hand rule. In video poker, you don’t have to wait long and can resume playing right after every spin.
The list mentioned above are just some of the things that one need to know about the game. For poker and slots fans, you can opt to play video poker for free to have a feel of the game. When you feel that you’re ready, play video poker to your heart’s content and experience hours of fun and exciting time.