Quiet Voice in Poker

Daniel Alaei is a respected player in the poker industry. He is playing incredible through the years and he is still working hard to improve his game. He was born in 1983 at California and grew up in the same city. He is a sports lover also with keen interest in basketball and baseball. When Daniel was nine years old, he was shifted to Los Angeles with his parents. His father was running a successful business and he was not so much interested in schooling. He travelled all around the United States with his father for card shows. At the same time, he started playing card games with his friends.

During his teen age, he came back to California and started playing poker. Soon he became quite voice in poker and his life us full of poker victories and successes. He started participating in live poker in 2003 but he started achieving success in 2004. He has made several final tables during his entire poker career and still he is getting incredible success in his poker career. He was extremely happy when he won his first tournament at Bicycle casino in 2004. Today he is a reputed poker player known worldwide.

He is continuously participating in bigger poker tournaments like WSOP and WTP. He has also won gold bracelets at WSOP tournaments. The year 2009 was truly lucky for Daniel when he won his second bracelet at WSOP tournament. Till now he has made number of cashes at live poker tournaments. His impressive performance is still continued in 2013 also. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also. With the progressive years, his skills will also improve accordingly. We wish him all the best for his coming years so that he could achieve incredible success in the game.