Rigorous Schedule of Daniel Negreanu

Before the 41st Annual World Poker Series, the professional poker players were busy scheduling their affairs and matches. The World Poker Series was scheduled to begin on May 28th, 2010. It was then Daniel Negreanu opened up about his hectic schedule and the Poker World Series. Daniel, who considers Las Vegas as his utmost home, does not have to be in a grueling travel schedule that some other poker players might have to incur upon, but he does have some grueling tight schedule for the series that would seem very tiresome on paper. The schedule would compel him to be at the Poker table for most of the series.

He states that the series is unevenly balanced as he himself does not know which events out of the many he would be doing well in. The schedule produced is a rough draft and the accuracy of the schedule is in question too. Negreanu also states that his primary focus was the World Poker Series, and for some time now he had set aside special practice time for this tournament, and executed them perfectly. He would try to use up 8 hours for his games as if to block the next day and hence conquer the championship buys which are scheduled to be held at 5 pm.

Daniel Negreanu also declared that he would take part in all the $ 10000 events of the Buy championship, the $ 50000 games of the championship, and of course the main event of the World Poker Series. He would also take part in some of the smaller events such as some of the $ 1500 championships like the Limit Hold’em, the HORSE etc. So after summing it up, he told that he would approximately play in about 26 games of the 2010 Annual World Poker Series.