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Joe McKeehen Possess All Skills To Become A Successful Poker Coach?

If Ted Williams is considered as the greatest hitters of all-time, failed to succeed as a baseball manager, perhaps, the former champion of the main event of the World Series of Poker isn’t a qualified coach for poker. Chip Leader Coaching, a leading poker training site has signed Joe McKeehen to be the coach of poker and help young players to learn the skill of improving their game. However, many poker players are surprised to see McKeehen in this role as he is known for his rough game.

McKeehen, won the WSOP main event in the year 2015, and he won the amount of $7.7 million in it, after winning the event, he didn’t attach himself with the poker community. Opposite to most of the previous champions of the event, he refused to accept the offer to serve as a poker ambassador, and even made his Twitter profile “private” so that, he didn’t receive post or the likes of the people whom he doesn’t know.