Wait Just For One Month And Watch Playing The Top Poker Stars In Your City

Yes, the super star of Poker, Jeffery Lisandro is visiting your city from 27th May 2015.  He will be there till the WSOP ends on 14th July 2015.

His expertise is in playing the toughest Seven Card Stud game.  This is one of the toughest events of Poker.  Lisandro has the title of WSOP on his name more than 4 times.  He is only the players who have invented a number of methods to playing Seven Card Stud.   In last some of the WSOP, which he attended, earned more than the total prize money.  This year he is coming with the aim to win the title.  System of approach of Lisandro is quite different from his contemporaries.

On coming 20th June 2015, a famous and interesting competition is going to be held in any of the casino of Las Vegas with the presence of legendry Jeffery Lisandro.  A huge ticketing has been done only to see him.  Lucky fellows have got the opportunity to see him playing.  Rest of the poker lovers will have to be satisfied only with the news on him of just glimpse of him.  He is born in Australia but according to his profession or passion, he used to shuttle between Las Vegas and Santa Barbara as these places are the royal points of gambling.  Online or offline gambling are played here with quite discipline and passion.

The famous and traditional game Roulette is also played in this city with same cool and calm mindset.  A long list of famous and reputed players is there who only supported the Seven Card Stud game and now the responsibility is being shouldered by Jeffery Lisandro. Just imagine that you are getting close association with Jeffery in the coming month.  This feel will give you immense pleasure as the legendry player is visiting your city again to rock.