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  • @durrusco7221
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    And yes
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  • @FOAMER103061 I say poker luck and donk luck are two separate things. Joe just happened to have both at the WSOP. Poker luck and skills got him to the final table, but donk luck put him on the top.

  • I feel he played very poorly but that is a lot of pressure and I know with the lights and cameras rolling even pros admit to having trouble so unless your in that situation you have to give him a little slack. That being said if I was him I’d just retire or play small stakes. I saw him on The Big Game on Fox and it was straight up ugly. I’d invest the money go to college and tighten up my game.

  • The worst win in the history of WSOP, in fact people now use the word ‘Cada’ as a general term of abuse for someone who plays a BS hand and wins. He should never have won.

  • @MrEminemFan94 you cant even spell “lucky” properly so who are you in position to call him a lucky bastard? Jealous he got the luck and you dont? if so just STFU cos you are disgraceful.

  • hi my name is Joe Cada I’m the biggest fish the main event has ever had and I’m used of being the dog and luck out

  • The worst player..Just a lucky donkey..

  • the guy seems like an arrogant punk to me – he lucked out on several hand (bad plays)

  • he will get even better.. sometimes i play a perfect game and go home broke. luck wins but if u play over time u start to realize skill outruns luck in this game. U cant lie or bluff in chess, but in holdem…..

  • joe cada is the shizzle, he is the bomb, he is fucking great, if you checdk his eyes when he ehld the j9 and darvin tried to semi bluff him, you can see the deep, out of boddy experience in cadas eyes, the intuition kick in, and he makes the call, so fucking awsome

  • it was supposed to be 😉

  • Joe Cada 4 president!

  • Lucky guy, when hes all in he is a luckt bastard

  • I saw Joe Cada at a Pistons game, he sat right in front of me!

  • @dulcifyfj When you play poker you are going to get lucky and other times your opponents will be the ones getting lucky. Cada was pretty successful online before the WSOP, he bought a house from his pokerwinnings. You can’t do that just on luck.
    He is young and still has a lot to learn, but i think he has the potential to become a great player.

  • To get that far in the tournamnet it takes a bit of luck and a bit of skill. As several Pro players say “what you see on TV is not real poker” real poker is grinding your chip stack up with the occasional big win.

  • No he got to the final table with huge luck outdrawing on several occasions when dominated with all in pre flop,so dam lucky i could’nt believe my eyes made some nice moves to hang in there folding tens against A bigger hand against Ivey bus still!? the youngest player to win the big 1 but by no means in the class of some of the players he bea it’s about consistency,big congrats to him! But it’s obvious he’s a good player,but not special,imo.

  • He was staked by his buddies for the main event. Although hes made his fare share of money onine.. something like 500K. He was not an amature by any means

  • all in on nines heads up was a favorite. but im sure you already knew that. idiot

  • yeah, Ivey really mess up when he had Pocket kings. Going all in pre-flop with with his Low- stack was a sure tip off. However, I can understand the jacks fold.

  • 10K
    Good luck lol

  • there professionals cause they play every fuckin day if i play every single day i eventually win yeah phill halmueth won 11 bracelets but guess how many tournaments he had to play to win those bracelets yeah there is skill to this game but there is way more luck to it anybody can that know how to play poker can win

  • could some one tell me how much is da buy in to play in da tournament

  • great player.. grats with the win Joe!